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As a business owner and entrepreneur, your focus is on providing your customers with excellent service or products.  It's not to do the legal stuff. You hire a lawyer to do that.

Great. Which one? 

Does the lawyer understand your business?

Can they conduct a complementary legal gap analysis to help you identify and resolve any legal, tax, and contingency concerns in your business? 

Can they help you structure, operate and protect your business and yourself from the expected and the unexpected challenges that business owners face?

Should you trust the lawyer with one of your most precious creations, your business, your profits, your future?

Dr. Lydie has more than twenty years of experience as a lawyer, entrepreneur, and professor of law and finance in New York, Florida, California, and Massachusetts. She understands what you're going through, and she has the knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

She has worked with business owners from New York City to Key West to San Francisco to Houston to Chicago to Tijuana to Denver to Boca Raton to Paris to Istanbul to Warsaw to Monterey to Cape Town and beyond.  

She's is available when and where you need her.